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TechBiz by DCAJ

What is TechBiz?

TechBiz is a project that aims for overseas collaboration and business with Japanese content technologies. Selected companies can receive support such as mentoring by experts, instruction in English presentation and exhibition at domestic and foreign events, (INTER BEE IGNITION x DCEXPO, Venture Cafe, CES, SIGGRAPH Asia*)etc. This program is supported by Visual Industry Promotion Organization and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

* It is subject to change depending on the status of each event.

TechBiz provides a variety of support

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TechBiz : Technology Business Acceleration Program

Application Requirements: 

  “Companies that possess content technology and aim to expand overseas“

This project will target technologies related to digital content. Specifically, this includes a wide range of technologies such as CG, VR, AR, 3D, AI, blockchain, IoT, drones, robotics, haptics, olfactory systems, projection, shooting, editing, screening, sound, information compression, copyright management, and production management. Technologies to be submitted must be able to provide sufficient information for judging and be made available to the judging panel.


Applicants must be a company, educational institution, research institute, or organization established under the laws and regulations of Japan and having its place of business in Japan. Multiple companies (persons) may apply, but in such cases, a representative must be designated.

About us (TechBiz secretariat):
Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)
Established in 1991. Aiming at the development of the contents industry and international cooperation, it is engaged in various activities such as publishing the [Digital Contents White Paper], organizing [Digital Content Expo], conducting research on advanced technologies, business matching, and international exchange.

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