Name:mplusplus Co., Ltd.
Founded:July, 2013
Founder:Minoru Fujimoto
Contact :

Contact Person:Minoru Fujimoto
Position:CEO/Lighting Choreographer
Bio: Minoru Fujimoto was born in Kobe on August 9, 1983. He is CEO of mplusplus Co.,Ltd. He received the B.Eng., M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from Kobe University in 2007, 2009 and 2012, respectively. He is a dancer and researcher. His research interests include wearable computing, entertainment computing and performance art.  He has developed some interactive systems for dance performance. 
Favorite song:Hardnoise – Untitled
Favorite dancer : Bboy Machine

Wireless Movie Transfer System for Real Time LED Lighting Controller

We are developing a remote control device for full color LEDs. We are making devices for use in entertainment shows, such as LED flags, LED costumes, LED panels, LED ribbons, etc., that incorporate this control device. In addition, we have been using these devices in our performances.
Our current system stores the pattern data for lighting the LEDs in a memory in the control unit. This lighting device can only play back the pattern data that has been written in advance.
In contrast, the new system we are developing can send and receive video data wirelessly. The new LED system will be able to display video taken in real time.
Most of the other existing systems that transmit images wirelessly were only capable of one-to-one communication.
Our system is capable of receiving video data sent from a single transmitter with multiple receivers.
Moreover, each receiver can receive the video data synchronously.
When used in a show where a large number of LED devices are used at the same time, the lighting of all the LEDs can be controlled accurately and synchronously.

– How heavy are the flags?

The largest flag weighs 3 kgs. It is not easy to dance with the flag. It is heavier than you think as its weight is uneven. There are various size like large, medium, and small so that anyone can use them. In addition to flags, there are various other items such as backpacks, books, and suitcases.

– What does the future of live events look like?

Live entertainment came to a halt with the pandemic. Artists went online instead, but online it doesn’t satisfy both artists and fans. Now, even with the regulations, there is a movement to return to real events, so we think live events will become a hybrid in the future. We developed new technology which became a bridge between real event and online as we have actually been receiving requests to reflect the voices of online fans in live venues even before the pandemic.

– Is mplusmplus a “special effect”?

Our technology is called “special effects” like fireworks blowing up in live performances. We want to provide “special effects” that will surprise the audience and keep them entertained, so that even in remote live performances, the people watching on the screen can get excited together with the artists in the live venue.

– What is the status of your overseas expansion?

We exhibited at GITEX, an advanced technology exhibition held in the UAE with the support of JETRO. There was a plan of an international event, but due to the pandemic, it has not progressed. In order to expand our business overseas, we would like to connect with overseas creative agencies and companies that produce international events in order to work on a larger scale.

– Mr. Fujimoto, CEO is an engineer, dancer, and artist?

I dance, wave flags, direct the stage, and develop the technology. In the future, I would like to work not only as a stage director but also as an artist.

– What is the future of mplusplus?

In the past, we did not have much exposure as a company, but from now on, we would like to communicate widely both domestically and internationally. We would also like to take on work that has a large scale and impact on people, such as international events. Meanwhile, I will increase my own value as an individual artist and it will naturally increase the value of the company as well. Now that stage entertainment is shrinking due to the Corona disaster, I believe that this is the time for branding.