Name:Spacial Inc.
Founded:February, 2020
Founder:Wataru Fujiwara 

Contact Person:Wataru Fujiwara
In 2013, joined XVI Inc., helping to promote VR. He conducted research on AR/MR, holograms, and transparent contents while developing various technologies, and founded Spacial Inc. in 2020. His goal is to present information in the air with XR technologies and make holograms accessible to everyone.
Favorite anime:『SAO』

AirReal 3D Display (Spacial)

Spacial is a device that makes 3DCG appear to float and display in the air.
Unlike conventional products where the LEDs are rotated at high speed, this device has depth and looks three-dimensional. In addition to displaying the image, it can also be moved back and forth, left and right, and multiple 3DCG can be displayed. We are also developing a human-size display. It can also be touched, and tactile sensations can be added. If you add a sensor, you can interact with it in real time to increase its presence. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as displaying real objects and data in museums, checking 3D data being created, communicating with 3D avatar characters, communicating with friends in remote areas, and 3D advertising.

– JAWS jumping out of the screen?

In the movie “Back to the Future Part II,” there is a scene where the main character goes back in time to the future and is attacked by a hologram of JAWS in front of a movie theater as he walks through the city. As I wanted to see JAWS jumping out of the screen in real, I developed the technology called Spacial. It is a 3D hologram that pops out, and you can see characters you can not see in real life.

– What industries would use Spacial effectively? 

IP holders and production companies that manage VTubers and cyber humans can hold real events with this technology. I would also like art galleries and museums to use it. They can exhibit works that were lost in the past and no longer exist, if 3D models can be created. Visitors can see a piece of ancient Jewelry from an archaeological site and also 3D hologram which shows perfect form of it could be displayed next to real one.

– Touching a 3D hologram?

I am developing the sensation of touching the images by incorporating haptics technology.
With this technology, you will be able to shake hands with characters which does not exist in real.