Technologies for TechBiz2022 have been selected!

We are pleased to announce that the following 8 technologies have been selected as supporting technologies for “TechBiz2022” through a rigorous screening process.

These technologies will be exhibited at  “INTER BEE IGNITION × DCEXPO”, from 16 to 18, November, 2022 in Japan, a venue for matching creators and development partners with cutting-edge content technologies from Japan and overseas. We also plan to have the online pitch event called “TechBiz Pitch Battle” .

We hope that you will join us at “INTER BEE IGNITION × DCEXPO” and find opportunities for business, collaboration, and overseas deployment together. If you are interested in these technologies to experience, use, being a partner with them, please contact the TechBiz2022 Secretariat :

【1】Aromajoin Corporation 「Digital scent device “Aroma Shooter®” & scented video sharing platform “AromaPlayer®”」

The Aroma Shooter is an innovative scent device that introduces scents to the digital world and can provide a more realistic immersion experience for video contents by controlling and reproducing clean and precise scent information. In each Aroma Shooter, there is several scent cartridges that abandons liquid and gaseous media (oils, mist, steam, vapor, etc.). This new “dry and solid-state scent” material allows for blazingly fast switching(0.1 sec) of discrete scents without any smell leaking.
In addition to making a hardware device, we are also developing a video sharing system that will allow the users to directly watch and enjoy a lot of scented video content, without any programming skill needed. All technologies used are registered patents and trademarks in multiple countries including Japan and the US.

【2】X,inc. 「Interactive Collaboration Tools with WebXR」

Our service can create interactive content in seconds, record video messages and start collaborating a meeting! (Click the following pictures to watch the related video.)

【3】Reiwaseda Inc. 「Ready」

Our product is an extension (plug-in) that can be used by creators who edit video and audio in the editing software they are accustomed to using. We provide plug-ins for creators to easily use AI, which has developed remarkably in recent years, to automate tasks that could not be automated in the past. The product we have developed is highly accurate and fast, and speeds up simple tasks by, say, 20 times in the case of trimming, thereby increasing the time spent on tasks that should be spent by humans.

【4】DENDOH inc. 「Avatar Creating Platform for Metaverse」

“molz”,Avatar creating service which can use a variety of Metaverse services.
We provide two systems “molz Hub” and “molz SDK”.
“molz Hub” is an avatar creating platform for end users. End users can create and edit avatars, charge for fashion items, and manage them on theirs smartphone.“molz SDK” a system that allows companies that provide Metaverse spaces to use avatar makeup functions within their own Metaverse services.
As an avatar creation service, “molz” consists of a function that allows you to customize avatars, technology to reproduce lively avatar expressions, original animation technology, and technology to seamlessly transfer them to the various Metaverse space.
We will add a function that allows users to create and sell original items themselves to realize the user experience of “expressing who you want to be with an avatar”.
“molz” will make people easy create avatars for playing Metaverse.

【5】1/AK inc. 「iNSYNC」

iNSYNC is an Online Dance Lesson Platform that connects Instructors and Students around the world.
Students can self-practice by checking the differences and by analyzing motion data using AI, and Instructors can give personal feedback to their Students.
iNSYNC creates a system that makes it easy to continue dancing with the ease of a single smartphone and the realistic feel of lessons.

【6】Jolly Good Inc. 「JOLLYGOOD+, OPEcloud VR」

Jolly Good INC. provides VR-based services, especially for the medical industry for Education and Training.
VR Clinical Training allows you to experience an actual scene from the medical profession’s view. This is widely used in 200 medical institutions for education such as universities and hospitals in Japan.
By using OPECloud VR, medical staff will be able to easily shoot and edit VR content anytime they want. The produced contents are uploaded to the cloud, and members can experience more than 300 medical healthcare contents anytime, anywhere, and any number of times.

【7】TRIBAWL Co. Ltd. 「Avatar golf lesson system」

This is a technology that allows you to easily create avatar videos by adding realistic choreography and audio to 3D models using a smartphone. The motion and voice of the model are captured at the same time, and the motion and voice, including mouth movements, are synchronized to create a highly realistic avatar video. Using this avatar video, we will develop services in various fields such as sports, entertainment and customer service.

For example, the avatar golf lesson system uses skeletal recognition technology (markerless motion capture) to digitize swings, visualize swing data in graphs and tables, and avatars give advice based on the data. This allows us to provide lessons based on recommended data rather than the instructor’s experience and sense values.

In the future, we plan to develop services using avatar videos, markerless motion capture technology, range sensors, etc. in fields such as sports, education, and entertainment.


【8】xCura Inc. 「XR Therapy」

The XR Therapy app applies virtual reality (VR) to reduce pain and anxiety during medical treatment.
It aims to deliver a treatment experience that makes you want to come back and enjoy it again.

XR Therapy has two unique features.
Firstly, VR images guide appropriate duration and timing of breathing.
The user breathes following the breathing and timing patterns. With VR image guidance, the parasympathetic nervous system dominates and promotes relaxation.

Secondly, VR for therapeutic techniques
Self-guided training and progressive muscle relaxation techniques are provided to more effectively reduce pain and anxiety. (Click the following pictures to watch the related video.)




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