Name:1/AK inc. 
Founded: Nov., 2021
Masayuki Tahara, Kenichi Riko, Tetsuya Oyama
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iNSYNC is an Online Dance Lesson Platform that connects Instructors and Students around the world. Students can self-practice by checking the differences and by analyzing motion data using AI, and Instructors can give personal feedback to their Students. iNSYNC creates a system that makes it easy to continue dancing with the ease of a single smartphone and the realistic feel of lessons.

-To be one of a kind

As a direction for the company, we wanted to be a unique entity, not just a company that makes a profit. We chose the company name “1/AK”, which is an acronym for “one of a kind” (one and only).

– Another way to use iNSYNC

In addition to utilizing “iNSYNC” as an online lesson, you can also use this application for self-training. By importing videos of dancers you have admired into the app, you can practice while checking the synchronization ratio between your own movements and the ideal movements. The mirroring function and AI feedback will help you improve efficiently.

– Dance is universal

The dance is booming due to the influence of TikTok and K-POP, but in the first place, dance can be found in every country in the world. From trendy dances to folk dances, people all over the world are dancing anytime, anywhere. “iNSYNC” is an app developed so that anyone in the world can enjoy dancing.

– Aiming not to expand overseas, but to “re-import”.

Since there is a market for this service all over the world, we plan to launch the service mainly in the United States. We are currently conducting field research and plan to participate in CES 2023. Since the U.S. is a large country, we feel that there is more demand for online lessons than in Japan. In the future, we would like to grow our service into a platform where people around the world can connect through dance.