Mentoring, English pitch coaching, and opportunities to increase exposure and find business partners by exhibiting at global tech events from DCEXPO. (Not the same every year, depending on event availability and supporting technology)

(1) Mentoring by experts

Mentoring by experts is available to discuss various issues such as business models, financing, team building, etc.   (Click the below link to see thier profile.)


(2)Free Exhibition in INTERBEE IGNITION x DCEXPO

The “INTER BEE IGNITION x DCEXPO” is a special project that combines the “INTER BEE IGNITION” project and the “Digital Content EXPO” (organized by the Digital Content Association of Japan), an international event focusing on cutting-edge technology and content. The event aims to become an opportunity for new business creation in the content and entertainment industries by showcasing advanced visual expression technologies in the expanding world of media and entertainment.

(3) English pitch event and coaching on pitching

We provide English pitch event in INTERBEE IGNITION x DCEXPO and English pitch mentoring, including high-level advice on how to pitch effectively and how to make English slides, etc.

At DCEXPO 2020 Online, English pitch event was held in a VR conference room provided by Synamon Inc. (Selected company for TechBiz2020). Experts in various fields were invited from Japan and abroad, including a VR expert from the XPRIZE Foundation of the United States and the SIGGRAPH2021 Emerging Technologies Chair. XR-related companies presented their pitches in English using avatars.

(4) Support for participation in domestic various events (Venture Café, AnimeJapan etc.)

Japan’s leading animation production companies and manufacturers, as well as other domestic and international anime-related companies exhibit online in the business Area.
AnimeJapan focuses on revitalizing domestic business using anime content and provides a place where many business opportunities are created.

(5) Support for exhibiting at overseas events*   

Provide opportunities for exhibits (collective booths) and pitches at overseas events related to content technology.

【Past Events】

*Exhibitors are subject to prior screening for overseas exhibitions.
*The details of the support to be provided under this project are subject to change in light of domestic and international circumstances.